2h 30min.
Starting point:
St. Karl (mountain station)
St. Karl (mountain station)
December – March

Varied winter hike with a breathtaking panoramic view, idyllic forest, good food options and then tobogganing fun

by Marc Gottwald

Hike with tobogganing fun

What could be nicer than a varied hike with as many facets as possible?

I know it!

Finish the hike with an adventurous sleigh ride down into the valley.

Since such a trip has to be earned first, we now start with the panoramic hike.

Few people

Here you will find few people even in the best weather, high season and Sunday.

What is the reason?

Doesn’t guarantee the beauty of the hike, because it really is beautiful. She also gives a lot of strength.

No! It’s because its big sister, the Stoos area, is only a few kilometers away from Illgau-St.Karl. The Stoos tracks act like a filter. If you drive past with public transport or your car, you will see whole car avalanches on the parking lots. Because: Most people travel here.

The relatively unknown area of skiing and hiking Illgau-St.Karl is left to the left.

Sounds great right? Then let’s go!

Good public transport connections

Thanks to the good public transport connections (there is a bus from Schwyz every hour), a relaxing journey by train and bus to the 800-strong village of Illgau is worthwhile. Free parking would also be available.

It is almost hard to imagine that during Napoleon’s time (end of the 18th century) almost 4000 French soldiers were stationed in this pretty village for two years.

Today, however, the typical Swiss village shines again.

Speaking of radiating: Illgau is also known as the sun terrace of the Muotha valley. And yes! We had non-stop sunshine.

Sometimes it was difficult to find your way around the many purple winter hiking trails. That’s why it’s easiest for you if you write down the names of the route or download the map as a PDF at the end. The route is: St.Karl – Oberberg – Ibergeregg – Grossenboden – Unter Altberg – St.Karl.

After the cable car ride, the route alternates between forest and snow-covered meadows to Oberberg. If you feel hungry, this is the first place to stop for refreshments. Otherwise, continue in the direction of Ibergeregg.

Rarely do you hear music from the ski bustle of Ibergeregg. Nevertheless, one can say that the rest factor is relatively high on this hike, since only a few hikers can be found on this beautiful winter hike.

Above all, it is an area of pure power. Just looking at the big and small myths, which by the way look completely different from this side, recharges the batteries.

We especially liked this old tree. A dream with the picturesque mountain scenery in the background. What has he been through?

A tree under which a number of philosophers have certainly written magical poems.

Shortly before Ibergeregg, the hiking trail turns left and you hike in the direction of Grossenboden. There you can get hot dogs and drinks, surrounded by many skiers.

Do not you want that? Then there is another option

Little seating

Unfortunately, there are very few opportunities on this hike. So it is a big challenge to enjoy a picnic comfortably on a bench in nature.

What a pity! But we have found a bank that is completely hidden and will show you exclusively where.

The bank with a wonderful panoramic view is only a few minutes after Grossenboden and is behind this barn (see picture).

Luckily, here you hardly hear any more of the booming bass of the après-ski hype. And the view is really unique with mountains like the Blüemeberg, Chaiserstock, Wasserbergfirst and Glatten. These peaks are all over 2000 meters high.

After rest, the last 40 minutes are in the direction of St. Karl (cable car).

At the mountain station you can take the Schneegemel or sledge back to Illgau on an adventurous ride. You pay for the device at the beginning at the valley station.

We have arranged that after a quick phone call the Gemel will be sent up as soon as we get back.

Have fun and have a good trip!

To make it even easier to find