Holidays in Switzerland are more worthwhile than ever: 11 reasons why you must travel to Switzerland NOW. by Marc Gottwald

1. I want to see more of the best country in the world

Switzerland, the best country in the world? We don’t say that! But according to a study by U.S. News & World Report, Y&Rs BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Switzerland is the best country in the world! Among other things, the quality of life is unbeatable here. Simply brilliant and I can agree immediately!

2. I want fine dining and drinking

It’s a fragrance that really captivates. Meters away it smells of chocolate. You can’t help but follow your nose… and end up in the factory shop. And there you can taste the finest Swiss chocolate. Good: Cheese, chocolate and wine is what everyone thinks of when they hear Switzerland. But have you ever tried a fir schnapps? No? Don’t worry, most probably don’t! There are really many special and worthwhile regional specialties. Switzerland is also a country to be discovered. How many factory shops there are to taste, wine hikes to do or even breweries to visit on the most deserted peaks. It’s just awesome what Switzerland has to offer in terms of fine dining and drinking. Sounds good, but after a lot of effort finding these places? Understandable but that’s why there is Myswisspanorama. We take you to the special, worth seeing and often unknown places in Switzerland.

3. I want diversity

There is nothing more boring than seeing the same thing for months. Especially when you’re travelling. Variety is the magic word here. Now the good news: Holidays in Switzerland are probably more varied than in any other country. Would you like a few examples? In just 170 kilometers we have a difference in altitude of 4200 meters from Zurich to the Dufourspitze. In no other country in the world are so many languages spoken in such a small area. There is everything here, apart from a sea: we still have mountains, lakes, glaciers, moors and even small areas of primeval forest. And diversity also means that the landscapes look very different in every season, which makes discovering Switzerland even more fun. There is also something for everyone, whether it’s a weekend trip as a couple or a holiday with children. The offer is so diverse.

4. I want to experience indescribable feelings

Switzerland is a land of indescribable emotions. Sounds abstract at first. I totally agree with you. But imagine climbing an imposing mountain peak at sunrise, while everyone else is still asleep, you have already climbed 700 meters and enjoy one of the most beautiful, fiery red sunrises with an unbelievable mountain panorama. These are moments that no one can take away from you and are deep within you. And it is precisely such moments that you can experience here. The next point shows you why it is not a thing to go into the mountains without great effort.

5. I want short travel distances

Driving miles is absolute torture for most people. It doesn’t really make sense to spend most of the day in the car while the sun is shining outside. That’s why Switzerland is simply brilliant. Any spot in the country can be reached within a few hours. But actually you don’t even need the car…

6. I want the best public transport

In which country can you take public transport to the last remote village? This question is for you! I don’t know any other than Switzerland. And what is impressive about it is that these bus or train journeys sometimes even take place every hour. Bus and train travel is usually much more pleasant anyway, unless you travel at peak times.

7. I want to spend the night in the mountains

Enjoy the sunrise, see the mountain panorama and watch a horde of ibexes in total wilderness? Setting up a tent in the mountains is a dream and a pure adventure. There are not many countries where this is allowed. In Switzerland, with the exception of the nature reserves in the Alps, wild camping is permitted provided that no residues such as rubbish are left behind. If you intend to do this, please study this official leaflet from the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). If you have respect for it, which I understand very well, but definitely want to do it once, here’s the good news: You can also experience this with Myswisspanorama. Simply book a two-day hike and the indescribable adventure can begin. Sleeping in the great outdoors is pure luxury, because such an experience is simply unbeatable.

8. I want to go around the world 1.5 times in Switzerland

You clicked on the article because of this title, am I right? You’ll probably say now, it can’t be! I almost couldn’t believe it either. But in fact you can hike around the world 1.5 times in Switzerland! 1.5 times? More than 60,000 kilometers? Yes, those are really impressive numbers! Above all, Switzerland has one of the best signposted hiking trail systems in the world, alongside Austria.

9. I want to see animals and flowers

Do you like plants and animals? Then you are literally in paradise. Despite the small size of the country, Switzerland has a difference in altitude of 4400 meters from the lowest to the highest point! Quite a lot for such a small country. This also means that many different habitats exist. The counts in the Binntal are particularly impressive, where researchers have counted around 700 species within a few square kilometers.

10. I want kindness

Switzerland is a friendly country. Apart from the cities, it is normal to greet each other. Whether on a hike in the mountains or in villages, a “Grüezi” is a must. Really nice tradition.

11. I want a small footprint

OK. It pretty much depends on whether you also live in Switzerland or come from abroad. Tourists arriving by plane are exempt from this point due to the high CO2 emissions.