Äsch – Schweizer Bilderbuchort (Zentralschweiz)

Ein atemberaubender Wasserfall, ein unglaubliches Alpenpanorama, grasgrüne Weiden, Berghäuser aus Holz und ein Hirte mit seinen Schafen macht Äsch zum Traumdorf. von Marc Gottwald Äsch – Bilderbuchlandschaft und Kraftort 100 Meter stürzt sich das Wasser den steilen Hang hinunter, bis es auf dem steinigen Felsboden aufprallt und als glasklarer Bach weiterfliesst.https://youtu.be/h5H_3IcZyyk «Früher war er noch […]

Röti – Magical place with a panoramic view (Northwestern Switzerland)

A breathtaking panoramic view of the Säntis, the Mittelland, Mont Blanc, the Jura and the Alps awaits you on the Röti. by Marc Gottwald Wonderful 360 degree panoramic view Imagine you have reached the highest point – the mountain top. Peace reigns far and wide. Almost frightening calm. Only now and then do you hear […]

Foroglio – fairytale village (Ticino)

Dive into the history and culture of the fairytale village at the back of the Maggia Valley with dreamlike stone houses. by Marc Gottwald Get the Switzerland e-book NOW for FREE from our partner website Switzerland by Locals. 111 great travel destinations in Switzerland are waiting for you. A fairy tale world from the past […]

Marthalen – The Colmar of Switzerland (Zurich)

Beautiful village of half-timbered houses, maintained with a real tradition makes Marthalen a unique excursion from Zurich. by Marc Gottwald A village for dreamers It’s early in the morning. The sun’s rays are slowly gilding the fields and trees of the northern tip of Switzerland. A breathtaking mood. One hardly suspects that this part belongs […]

Wild flowers with a view of the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau (Bern)

A meadow full of crocuses combined with a unique view of the Brienzer Rothorn as well as the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and the Entlebuch make this meadow a dream location. by Marc Gottwald Every year Every spring, when the snow has melted, the heads of the white and purple crocus flowers emerge from the […]

Epesses – Magical place in the middle of the world cultural heritage (Western Switzerland)

Unique panoramic view of Lake Geneva, the Lavaux vineyards and the Alps. A romantic walk through the medieval village of Epesses is another highlight. by Marc Gottwald A truly magical place Imagine being asked, “What if you could just beam yourself to a place? Where would that be?” Please give yourself a minute to reflect. […]

Narcissus fields for dreamers and romantics (Western Switzerland)

A mighty sea of daffodils paints the meadows above Lake Geneva in a snow-white landscape for romantics and dreamers. The perfect place to relax. by Marc Gottwald Get the Switzerland e-book NOW for FREE from our partner site Switzerland by Locals. 111 great travel destinations in Switzerland are waiting for you. For dreamers and romantics […]

Wild Tulips from Grengiols (Valais)

Wild tulips in Switzerland? Is there! In the Valais near Grengiols there are three color variations. An absolute highlight together with the unique mountain panorama. by Marc Gottwald Wild tulips in Switzerland does it exist Almost everyone asks this question. Rightly so! After all, Holland is the only country that comes to mind when you […]

Clunerseen – Like on another planet (Grisons)

Einer der grössten Geheimtipps des Graubündens und in der Nähe von Davos. Der obere und untere Clunersee, die Moorlandschaften und die giftgrünen Wiesen verzaubern jeden, der hierher findet. von Marc Gottwald One of the biggest insider tips in Graubünden It is one of the biggest insider tips in Graubünden. Very few people get lost here. […]

Relaxation oasis at Lake Lucerne (Central Switzerland)

The breathtaking view of the “Queen of the Mountains” “Rigi”, the rippling of the lake and the warm rays of the sun make the place near Buochs a perfect excursion tip from Lucerne. Behind the view of the Pilatus, the Buochserhorn and the Stanserhorn. by Marc Gottwald Overtourism in Lucerne – not so here What […]