Myswisspanorama – the slightly different story of how it came about

An idea arises by Marc Gottwald An idea arises Yes this Instagram. I have had a passion for nature since I was a small child. Thanks to my parents. Because whether it’s a bright blue sky with perfect temperatures, terrible weather in April or a frosty, icy snowstorm in winter. The weather didn’t matter. We […]

Around the world 1.5 times in Switzerland – and 10 other reasons to discover the country NOW

Holidays in Switzerland are more worthwhile than ever: 11 reasons why you must travel to Switzerland NOW. by Marc Gottwald 1. I want to see more of the best country in the world Switzerland, the best country in the world? We don’t say that! But according to a study by U.S. News & World Report, […]

What our followers love about Switzerland

Switzerland is a highly praised country. We wanted to know from our Instagram followers what they appreciate most about Switzerland. It is these beautiful stories that make life here so unique. by Marc Gottwald Switzerland – a country to love At that time still under the name go_for_your_vision, the Myswisspanorama account has been active on […]

[Interview] Natural wonder – These wild tulips are only found in Switzerland

In Grengiols in Valais there is a species of tulip that only exists there. In mid-May it blooms in three different colours. That’s why we wanted to answer some exciting questions about the Grengiols tulip in an interview with the ecologist and board member of the tulip guild Sabrina Gurten. by Marc Gottwald and Sabrina […]

Why you should (once) go hiking alone

5 strong reasons why you should go hiking alone. Find out more in the guest blog post by Luana Krebs, environmental scientist at ETH Zurich. Guest post by Luana Krebs Everything is more fun together – isn’t it? Yes, alone everything is twice as boring and only half as much fun. In addition, the most […]

The unknown panoramic train ride through the Jura

An indescribably beautiful train journey from Glovelier to La-Chaux-de-Fonds through the wide landscape of the Jura. With the hiking opportunities, this trip makes a great day trip from Basel, Neuchâtel or Geneva. by Marc Gottwald Chemin de Fer du Jura On a cold December morning we head to the Jura. To be more precise, to […]

The ultimate guide for expats in Switzerland

Insider tips that will make your new life much easier. In this ultimate expats guide you will receive many valuable tips that will definitely make you happy when you start your new life in Switzerland. by Marc Gottwald Insider tips that simplify life in Switzerland Moving to a new country is a big step. It […]