1h 10min.
Andermatt Bhf
Goeschenen Bhf
April – November

With waterfalls, green-blue mountain water and wild animals, the Schöllenen Gorge offers a spectacular landscape that makes everyone’s heart beat faster. And an exotic piece of Russia.

by Marc Gottwald

Pure color spectacle

It is green-blue. Takes curve after curve. And passed several stone bridges. The water of the Schöllenen Gorge.

It rushes through the imposing Schöllenen Gorge as if there were no tomorrow and polishes the rocks into unique shapes.

You are right in the middle of one of the most breathtaking natural spectacles in Switzerland.

Short trip to Russia

What else to fly for when Russia is so close?

Why to Russia? I’m in Switzerland, you rightly say.
Yes, to Russia!

A very small spot in the middle of Switzerland belongs to the state of Russia. Namely the Suvorov monument. The memorial commemorates General Suworow and the approximately 7,000 Russian soldiers who died in the Schöllenen Gorge (in the fight against Napoleon).

Before you reach this monument, however, you start the 1h10-minute hike at Andermatt train station and march in the direction of Göschenen.

After only 15 minutes you are actually at this prestigious place.

By the way: The fascinating pedestrian stone bridge that you see is the Devil’s Bridge.

The following legend tells you how difficult it was to build such a bridge:

The devil told the people of Uri that he would build them a bridge, “but the first one to cross the bridge is mine”. Since the people of Uri were absolutely dependent on this bridge for access to the Gotthard, they agreed to it. The bridge was built in just three days.

But the anger had really gone to the devil’s head.

Instead of a human being, the people of Uri let a goat cross the bridge.

Beside himself with anger, he complained: “You can keep it to yourself!”. The devil got a huge stone with which he wanted to destroy the bridge.

Just at that moment, when the devil threw the stone with full force towards the bridge, an old woman ran across the bridge and scribbled a cross on the bridge.

Instead of on the bridge, the devil’s stone ended up in the valley near Göschenen (it can be seen in front of the Autobahn entrance to the Gotthard tunnel).

Now the people of Uri were at peace again.

Deserted in a natural paradise

Say back and forth. The Schöllenen Gorge is a true natural paradise.

Although a lot of cars cross the Gotthardstrasse and thus also the Schöllenen Gorge, there is almost no one to be found apart from the Suworov monument.

Better for you, because this small and easy hike will be an even more unforgettable experience for you.

chamois, waterfalls, beautiful bridges

If you look to the other side of the gorge, you have a good chance of seeing chamois. Above all, they stay in the lush green meadows or in the rocks. Schöllenen Gorge waterfall
Although you can often hear the noise of the street, it doesn’t seem to bother the chamois. They look very familiar. Also worth seeing are the beautiful waterfalls, the gray stone bridge near Göschenen and the water basins, which are reminiscent of blue lagoons.
Passing the Gotthardpassstrasse and other bridges, you arrive in Göschen after 1h10min. Another important note: You should not go down into the gorge. Due to the backwater, the water level in the river can surge at any time, which is unpredictable and can be deadly.

To make it even easier to find