A magical place near Lucerne, Zug and Zurich with a view of the two myths.

by Marc Gottwald

The imposing myths

are we honest

Finding a special place where you can rest, switch off and enjoy is sometimes not that easy, is it?

It gets even harder if you don’t want to hike for miles, but can drive close by.

That will change from now on because we have found a wonderful magical place for you.

You are in the middle of a winter wonderland. The trees and mats are clad in white. But the view is strongly focused on two imposing mountain peaks that stand in front of you. One could almost think that there is a magnetic attraction.

Yes, they are really very special: the big and the small myths.

It is not for nothing that the two myths are also represented in a huge picture in the Parliament Building in Bern and in the train station hall in Basel. Historically, the Swiss Confederation was founded in this region with Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden.

And now to the king’s question: Have you ever climbed the great myths?

Possibly yes.

Climbed the great myth more than 3000 times?

Probably not. But hard to believe!

The following story shows how this mountain fascinates the Swiss. There are people who hike the great Mythen every day as long as it is open. A hiking time of three to four hours – per day!

For example, a pensioner has climbed the big myth more than 3,333 times. An unimaginable number.

Just like climbing, the view of the two myths is something special, whether in winter or in summer.

Insider tip Mostelegg

An insider tip is the Mostelegg. As already mentioned, you can drive here by car to enjoy. There are numerous places to sit, e.g. at the panorama table or a few minutes in the direction of Mostelberg.
If visibility is good, you can also easily see Lake Lauerz and Lake Lucerne. If you would like to do another great hike in this region (winter/summer hike), you will find it here.

The most important things in brief

  • A magical view of the awe-inspiring myths
  • Very few people
Arrival: Balmberg: Free by car. Only indirectly accessible by public transport via the Sattel cable car with a 1.5-hour hike (round trip CHF 24 without Half-Fare travelcard; CHF 12 with Half-Fare travelcard/GA). Food:Berggasthaus Herrenboden (good Google rating), Berggasthaus Engelstock (good Google rating); Mostelberg mountain inn and Hochstuckli restaurant