Sigriswil Dorf
Gunten Dorf
February – November

Very leisurely spring walk from Sigriswil to Gunten with uninterrupted panoramic views of Lake Thun. Maximum relaxation is guaranteed thanks to the many seats.

by Marc Gottwald

A true spring walk

Where else can you find a leisurely stroll with uninterrupted panoramic views?

There are a few in Switzerland, but these places are either overcrowded or getting there is difficult and complicated.

Not here.

Because Sigriswil can be easily reached from Thun by bus (or boat via Gunten).

A village of only chalets

When you see Sigriswil for the first time, you will notice that this village is special.

In contrast to the other Swiss villages, the village consists of chalets – and uniformly so. This gives Sigriswil a romantic charm, because no architectural styles are mixed here.

For this reason alone, a walk in the village is highly recommended. The village has meanwhile become a tourist attraction mainly because of its suspension bridge.

On a tour of the village you will immediately see that the church and its surrounding buildings are probably among the oldest in Sigriswil. The first church was built in 1000, the current church dates from the 15th century, but was rebuilt again at the end of the 16th century.

Lots of seats with panoramic views

After the village tour, you walk along the marked hiking trails to Gunten. In just 50 minutes you will reach your destination without any interruptions. Not taking a break at this prospect would almost be tantamount to punishment for no reason.

In Sigriswil itself you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as well as Lake Thun without a long detour.

But even on the marked hiking trail there are always opportunities to rest with maximum enjoyment. Sometimes not bad at all on this rather steep path. Unfortunately, this walk is not recommended for people with knee problems, but it can be done in the opposite direction from Gunten to Sigriswil.

The closer you get to the village of Gunten, which also belongs to the municipality of Sigriswil, the more the Parkhotel Gunten catches your eye. With its neo-baroque style, it is an impressive building and has a history of more than 100 years.

Gunten itself has various historically very interesting buildings that are worth seeing. Here is an overview of the municipality of Gunten with the historical background of the houses and where they can be found.

To make it even easier to find