Switzerland is a highly praised country. We wanted to know from our Instagram followers what they appreciate most about Switzerland. It is these beautiful stories that make life here so unique. by Marc Gottwald

Switzerland – a country to love

At that time still under the name go_for_your_vision, the Myswisspanorama account has been active on Instagram for over a year now. Not only has the number of followers increased massively, the exchange with our followers is also very important to us and enormously high. That’s why we wanted to know from our followers what they love most about Switzerland. We don’t want to withhold some selected answers from you and present them in this blog article. The pictures were taken by the respective authors.

1. Balance between lively city life and absolute silence in the mountains

by @charlenecharly89
There are few countries where you can take a break from bustling city life in breathtaking nature in such a short time. Each canton has its very own haven of tranquility at high altitude. Every city is close to a mountain or a lake and every business-minded person can escape the stress of everyday life in no time. Standing thousands of meters up and hearing nothing but your own breathing and maybe a jackdaw or two circling you, that’s exactly the moment I love so much about Switzerland. I feel like I’m in a bubble and can watch the hustle and bustle down in the valley on another level. Simply enjoy nature and silence and let your soul dangle. But I can also go to lively Zurich just as quickly and let myself be carried away by the fast-moving big city feeling. Whatever you need right now, Switzerland makes it possible 🙂

2. The good is often so close

by @stoepps
For many years I have been someone who likes to travel and discover the world and many beautiful landscapes – but that costs a lot of (holiday) time and money. There are so many great places in Switzerland that you can visit by car or public transport, even in one day. It was only in recent years that I really became aware that some of the most breathtaking places and landscapes in the world can be found in our Switzerland. Since then, however, I have preferred to spend my free days in nature, especially in the mountains and by the lakes. It’s unbelievable how many great places there are to discover, even away from well-known places like Zermatt, Interlaken or Lucerne which attract masses of people. It’s not that these places aren’t beautiful, but the places off the beaten track, which can only be reached on foot, took my breath away.

3. The helpfulness of the people living here

by @anto_bozic_photography
As a native Croatian, I have been living in Switzerland for over 27 years. What I particularly like about Switzerland is the friendliness of the Swiss and all other nations. Working together instead of against each other. For example, my family and I were very well received after the Balkan War. I started with the German language from scratch, which of course caused difficulties at the beginning at school. But thanks to the help and openness, I was able to integrate quickly and felt comfortable right from the start.

4. Hiking in Switzerland lets you forget everything

by @cloudysam
No matter how stressful the week was, when I go hiking, I regularly lose track of time. Whether in Val Grialetsch or on the Lai da Ravais, dusk is usually already falling when I return to civilization. It happened more than once that I was standing at the next post bus stop and the last bus had already left. But thank God there are good friends who always “rescue” me and pick me up from the remote side valleys. Let your mind wander, challenge your body and soak up the unbelievably impressive force of nature in the mountains with their many facets, for me that is the most beautiful thing about Switzerland.

5. In Switzerland you can choose the temperatures yourself

by @swiss_labrador_mia
On a hot summer day, I ride a cable car, enjoy the cool wind in the mountains and my dog can roll in a deserted snow field. On the other hand, in winter, after a cold winter walk, I can rest my body in a wonderful spa or thermal bath. I always have exactly the climate I want. There’s no such thing as bad weather if you’re a little flexible. The range of activities is simple and unbeatable.

6. Switzerland, a country full of mountains

by @pamelaraga_
Als Dorfkind am Ufer des Brienzersees umrandet von vielen Berggipfeln aufgewachsen, durfte ich schon von kleinauf die Bergwelt mit meinen Eltern entdecken. Mein Herz schlägt in der Natur immer ein bisschen kräftiger, und ich kann frei atmen wenn ich auf einem Gipfel stehe! Hier zu sein, ist wie leben in einer Postkarte. Allein rund um den Brienzersee gibt es so manches zu erkunden, so viele Berge zu erklimmen. Natürlich erkundige ich auch gerne andere Regionen in unserem wundervollen Land, aber schliesslich ist es wohl doch am schönsten im Berner Oberland.