An idea arises

by Marc Gottwald

An idea arises

Yes this Instagram. I have had a passion for nature since I was a small child. Thanks to my parents. Because whether it’s a bright blue sky with perfect temperatures, terrible weather in April or a frosty, icy snowstorm in winter. The weather didn’t matter. We were in nature as often as possible. But to be honest, I never imagined that I would one day help people to enjoy and experience these “Moments of Switzerland”. Certainly not as a small child. But also not in the bachelor’s degree. It was this… yes this Instagram! In April 2018 I started with Instagram. Whether you look at Instagram as something positive or negative is up to you. But something has changed dramatically. The number of followers increased with every post. friends found me And suddenly, messages poured into my mailbox so that it almost exploded. From friends but also many followers. «Hi Marc, how are you? This weekend I’m going hiking with a friend in the Bernese Oberland. What can you recommend?” “Love your pictures! Thinking about visiting Switzerland next year. Can you give me some recommendations for good places to go?” «Hi Marc. My family from England is visiting us in Switzerland for a week. Do you have any tips for great places to go? Since the grandmother can hardly walk anymore, the places should be easily accessible. If possible with a fine restaurant.” “Marc, shall we go hiking together?”

A rethinking took place

Since my time at the ETH, where I did my Masters in Environmental Sciences with a specialization in
After I studied sustainability management, my inner motivation has fundamentally changed like this: I swore to myself that I would give something back to the world and to people. Be it for explorers. For nature lovers. For connoisseurs. For peace seekers. For adventurers. For bookworms. Or for Switzerland lovers. Made for people just like you and me.

Yes exactly, the inner motivation is the most important requirement, because here the ideals are embodied that you think are right, for which you live and love! And this is where the best and most inspiring results come from.

“If so many people ask for tips or hiking opportunities (with me), then it should be made accessible to everyone,” I said to myself. And that’s where it developed over a long period of time, the idea of Myswisspanorama.

The question was no longer “if” but only “when” Myswisspanorama will be created.

It took a lot for Myswisspanorama to live

With my master’s degree in environmental sciences, I’m now an expert in the fields of “environment, geography, sustainability”, but what is important in a company or a corporate strategy, how to write in an exciting way, how the right marketing works, I didn’t really have a clue .

I started with the knowledge gathering with the goal of one book per week, and then it became one or two books – per week.

In addition, many experts were contacted to clarify legal issues. I also needed a professional website.

And now Myswisspanorama lives with the goal of making people even happier in the breathtaking nature and in the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Experiencing those wow moments.

That the Swiss get to know and love their country even better. And maybe even do without holidays abroad and thus reduce the environmental footprint. Because our world only exists once.

That all working people who selflessly give everything for their company during the week and are understandably tired and drained at the end of the week can simply switch off and relax in just such magical places of power.

Tourists discovering the secrets of Switzerland instead of constantly having to be in crowded places because it’s generally difficult to get really great insider tips abroad. That’s why I started documenting these wow hikes and the magical places. It should be possible for everyone to experience these unique places and thus the magical “Moments of Switzerland”. Be it with friends or alone through the reports and information provided free of charge. Or with a hike or tour through Switzerland tailored to your individual needs with lots of background information about history, geography, sustainability or whatever you or your companions wish for. You can find out more here. And with that: good discovering and enjoying your unique “Moments of Switzerland”